Loving, Proclaiming and Serving Christ so others may know him.




Mission Ministry:  Guided by "The Great Commission" this group of parish leaders are discerning where God is leading St. John's Anglican Church in mission to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, both in our community and elsewhere.       

Parish Life

The Parish Life Committee focuses on bringing people together. The goal of each event is to foster support and love for each other in the Body of Christ.  A variety of activities are planned and coordinated to meet the fellowship needs of our Parish and support activities led by other groups.

Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain of St. John's is made up of volunteer members of the congregation who pray for those in special need who have requested prayer.   Contacting a Prayer Chain participant or the Church Office will "start the chain" which will have each participant contact another until all are in-the- know to pray for that specific person.   Prayer requests may be for oneself or others.

Sunday School Educators

St. John's has a dedicated group of members who have felt called to teach our children.  Their goal is to encourage our children to become dynamic disciples of Jesus Christ, who know God intimately, love Him passionately and serve Him selflessly.


Lectors are members of the church family who have felt called, and are privileged to read the Word of God as recorded in the Bible during our church services.  

God and Country

God and Country, sponsored by St. John's, is a bi-annual community gathering to join our hearts in prayer for our nation, our state and our community that we might return to following God's will for our lives.  The gathering is held in Spring and Fall in an open-air setting with old-time gospel music and prayer from neighboring churches and fellow citizens.

Long Range Planning Committee
Working with patience, diligence and openness to the mission of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Long Range Planning Committee will be visualizing the long term goals for St. John's Anglican Church.  The mission includes evaluating the site, needed infrastructure, required improvements, capitol and finances necessary and a relationship with the professionals required to meet the stated goals.  This preparation, or discovery phase is essential to building the foundation for our future.

Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM)

The Lay Eucharistic Ministry is an opportunity for Men and Women to serve Our Lord in a very unique manner. They are devoted to serving with the Officiant ( Priest or Bishop) in the distribution of the Consecrated Elements (wine) during The Communion Service. In addition, They are asked to participate in the reading of the Lessons of the Day.


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